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 2.499,00 (incl. VAT:  3.023,79)

Noun \ Bam ~ Ba ~ Ta \ Element: Motor and Cognition

This bench is filled with water, resulting in a wavy sitting experience. Although it seems classic, when a second person takes place, the surprise of feeling each others movements evokes conversation. This great bench will spark up the vibes at the reception, at the coffee corner or in any other semi-public space!

•  Designed by team Enrichers  •



Buoy – Black & Blue

 699,00 (incl. VAT:  845,79)

Noun \ Boo ~ Ee \ Element: Motor

Rocking stool that allows your hips and lower back to move while seated. The seat requires balancing, involving activation of the legs.

•  Designed by team Enrichers  •



Macaron – Blueberry

 295,00 (incl. VAT:  356,95)

Noun \ Ma ~ Ka ~ Ron \ Element: Motor

The Macaron pillow is designed to make you move while seated on static chairs. The Macaron has two sides: a soft side for comfort and a more hard side for more movement. The pillow is made from a specific fabric and can be chosen from colours of the wide scheme. The Macaron can also be used for sweatless work-outs. By elevating the feet slightly from the floor, you can train your core stability. The Macaron is 100% designed and made in The Netherlands.

•  Designed by team Enrichers  •

Moonraker – Light Blue

 649,00 (incl. VAT:  785,29)

Noun \ Moon ~ Rey ~ Ker \ Element: Motor

Stool that encourages movement in hips and lower back. It maintains a stable seat, yet allowing for more dynamic movements while working.

•  Designed by team Enrichers  •