About us

We are a team of designers and a psychologist.  As Enrichers, we create environments to optimize the neurological functioning of people.

By developing products and spaces based on Environmental Enrichment, we want to research and implement enrichment in our daily environments. We aim for a higher connection between the physical environment and the brain, contributing to overall wellbeing. Bringing together science, design and the end user, we aim to create a symbiosis of interdisciplinary experience and expertise.


Environmental enrichment is the stimulation of the brain through the social and physical surroundings. Neuroscientific research has shown that an enriched environment has positive effects on the brain in multiple ways.

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An enriched environment is positively influencing the behaviour and brain activity of the user, such as increasing neurogenesis (growing new neurons) and improving synaptic plasticity (the ability of synapses to change in function or shape). Environmental Enrichment has been studied within the field of neuroscience since 1947 and is a commonly researched topic on captive animals.   

Although there is a number of studies that show positive benefits on the brains of mice living in enriched environments, research within the human environment has rarely been done, let alone applied.  By developing products and spaces based on environmental enrichment we aim to bring this into our daily lives.



Enriched environments provide stimuli in the somatosensory, visual, cognitive and motor areas of the brain. Also circadian rhythms are crucial in order to create optimal enriched environments. As Enrichers, we research how we can implement environmental enrichment within human surroundings and design the applications to do so.


Creative Direction

  • Founder & Creative Director
    Govert Flint
  • Co-founder 2016-2017 & Psychologist
    Florijn Vriend


  • Co-initiator & Designer
    Aliki van der Kruiijs
  • Co-initiator & Designer
    Alissa van Asseldonk
  • Designer
    Arnout Meijer
  • Designer
    Chris Kabel
  • Prototyping
    Govert Geerts
  • Designer
    Jetske Visser
  • Designer
    Michiel Martens
  • Marketing & Communication
    Justine Kontou
  • Co-founder 2015-2016 & Designer
    Luuk van den Broek
  • Co-initiator & Designer
    Nienke Bongers
  • Designer
    Roos Gomperts
  • Graduate Intern
    Timothy Algera