What sport does to the body, does enrichment to the brain. As Enrichers, we base our innovations on Environmental Enrichment (EE). It is the neuroscientific meaning of stimulating the brain through five information systems we evolved to have to perceive our surroundings (the 5 images below). Science proved our physical surrounding influences the way our brains develop. With environmental enrichment, we give our brains a better condition, resulting into more neuropaths and higher resilience. Research shows an enriched environment make rodents get 1.5 times older, recover quicker from diseases and they are less likely to get sick. With enrichment, we can assure the physical products are spaces are performing according to what our bodies and brains need.


Research together with our network
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In an enriched cage, rodents develop more neuropaths, because they need to process different types of information. Therefore the brain needs to activate several brain areas. When one of these areas starts to malfunction, other brain areas can take over the activity because in an enriched environment, the brain already developed more neuropaths.