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As Enrichers, we design products & spaces based on neuroscience

There are five informational systems known that we – people – use to perceive our environments. When our brain is stimulated by these five various ways, neuroscientists call that space environmentally enriching. In an enriched environment, the brain develops more resilience, recovering quicker from diseases and having less harm from mental malfunctioning. Based on the principles of environmental enrichment (EE), we continuously refine our design methodology to realize the most pleasant and healthy environments. 

Water floors, water sofas, active seats & moving cushions. Meet our Inter|Active furniture collection

Especially for achieving enrichment at home and at work, we designed furniture allowing you to remain active in a pleasant and non-invasive manner.

Make your products smart with our Smart Furniture Sensor

We developed a Smart Furniture Sensor that measures heartbeat, breath, movements & activity from a static seat. You could develop applications for preventive health but also be able to make games based on full body motion. Would you like to know more about the applications you could develop and how you can embed this into your products? Contact us by